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Busy Weekend Of Baseball


This weekend our 9U-13U teams will be traveling to the Central Valley to play in a highly competitive tournament.  We are excited to see how our boys do, and always relish the chance to play top level competition.

Our 17U and 19U teams start their respective seasons on Thursday with the Red and Black Dawg Fight.  Teams have been chosen for this highly competitive, inter-organizational event.  Looking forward to another fun weekend of baseball.

Solid Weekend Of Baseball


We were able to battle the weather and some quality baseball teams this past weekend, going 21-6 as an organization and winning the 9U, 10U, 11U and 14U age divisions.

There is no time for us to rest on our laurels, as we have an NYBC Qualifier Tournament coming up in less than three weeks.  These tournaments attract high level competition.  We will need to work hard to prepare.


Excited for President’s Day Weekend Tournament


We are excited to be playing again next weekend and are hopeful that the weather will hold up. Our teams have been getting after it and travel rosters are strong. Looking forward to a good weekend of baseball.

Glad We Stayed Home This Weekend


Fortunately we were able to get ahead of the weather that was coming in the weekend and we were able to move the tournament for our 9U-13U teams to next weekend.  It was nice that the tournament directors at NCTB and that the management at Hampton Inn Salida were understanding of our situation.  Looking forward to some better weather and some good baseball next weekend.

Remembering A Great Year


2016 was an great year for the organization.  Thank you to all families and players who do such a great job supporting us.  Happy New Year.

Getting After It


We just completed a huge weekend with all ten teams traveling.  Our 9U-14U teams were in the Central Valley and our 16U-18U teams were in San Jose.  The talent level we played against this weekend was as good as I can ever remember playing against, top to bottom.

Sometimes it’s difficult to get our customer base to understand that part, truly how good the talent we are playing against is.  Unlike a lot of teams that trophy hunt in the AA division, our motto is “anyone, anywhere anytime”.  Sometimes it can lead to some humbling games and weekends, but when I see our guys signing Division One Letter of Intents at good schools like Cal Poly SLO, I know it’s worth the short term sacrifice that will pay long term dividends.

Successful Past Weekend


This past weekend we played in a very competitive event in the Elk Grove, Galt and Manteca areas.  Other than two of our clubs having to commute 45 minutes each day, it was a pretty enjoyable weekend.  The weather was perfect and the tournament was well-run.  I was particularly pleased with the improvement of both our 11U and 12U clubs.  We have less than four weeks before our next tournament in the Central Valley.  Time to get back to work.

Excited For Late October Tournament


It’s nice to be in town for a late fall tournament, and it looks like the weather will be brisk but playable. Our guys are pumped, practices have been going well. We have been getting a ton of calls from interested recruits. We will continue to focus on the process of coaching our players up and teaching the game. This is the strongest our coaching staff has been, top to bottom, in the organization. Lots of excitement as we head over the hill again in November.

Labor Day Weekend Is Here


Our first tournament of the new season is upon us and there is a lot of excitement about where the organization is headed.  Very pleased with the buy-in we are getting from our customers and our coaching staff is as strong as it has been, top to bottom, in its history.  Looking forward to a good weekend of baseball!

What A Season!


The last day of the World Series was eventful for our 9U team.  I was fortunate enough to be able to coach in two of the last three games they played yesterday, with the team winning all three games.  I’m extremely proud of this group of players for working so hard and being so mentally tough.  Also very pleased to have such a great group of parents.  Lastly, my assistants did a great job yesterday, particularly in the last two games.  Now there is more work to be done! #workharder

Whirlwind Of A Summer So Far


Haven’t been able to write much lately due to a hectic schedule.  Things with the 17U and 19U teams are going well.  We have all of our 19U players who are age eligible placed at colleges, save four, who we will help get signed somewhere soon.

The 9U team continues their incredible run, winning last weekend’s tournament in impressive fashion.  Our 9U coaching staff did a great job and is continuing to do a good job with our “Recruits” class for next year.

The July World Series is approaching, which should be an exciting culminating event to the 2015-2016 season.  Stay tuned.

What A Year So Far With The 9U Team


It’s been an incredible season with our 9U club.  What a great group of kids and parents, they have bought in and are so supportive of the organization.  Looking forward to seeing how they all develop in the organization.  Next weekend will be a lot of fun.

Grinding It Out


We are working every day to get better, to look for new talent and to take the organization to the next level.  Watching one of our former players on Sunday get the save for University of Washington against Oregon State this weekend really pumped me up.

We have started making sure coaches sub for each other at practices so we can always ensure there will be at least two coaches at each practice.  This also gives our players a chance to be viewed by different coaches, which ultimately helps us in the evaluation process of each player.  Lots of positive things happening as we prepare for the next weekend.

Great Weekend


Was a great weekend for our organization.  Sometimes we lose families to organizations who promise them the world.  The funny thing is the families that can really see how we do things gravitate towards being a part of the organization, so it always ends up working out.  Very proud of our current group of families and coaches for doing such a good job representing the organization.

Looking Back


This past weekend was a very tough decision to not to down to the tournament that eventually got the second day rained out.  We had to look out for the safety of all of our families with the pass being so bad throughout the weekend.  At the end of the day even though baseball is important, being safe and making sound decisions is more important.

Tough Decision This Week


Making the decision for us not to travel over the hill this weekend for the tournament was not an easy one for me and our management team.  However, at the end of the day we have to look out for the safety of all of our families.  We always relish the opportunity to play in tournaments, just not at the expense of being safe.  Everyone has been extremely supportive of the decision which I appreciate.

Grass Isn’t Always Greener


Every organization has flaws, including ours.  People a lot of times think by changing the color of their uniform that all of their problems will be solved.  I’ve been doing this long enough to tell you that isn’t always the answer.  We will continue to work better to improve the way we run the organization and appreciate the loyalty shown by our customer base.  #getbetter #workharder #grassisgreenwhereyouwaterit

Enjoy The Silence


Lots of noise this week from areas besides ours. We do our talking on the field. Enjoy the silence this weekend. #workharder #doyourjob

Preparing for President’s Day Weekend


The snow is melting and the heater is keeping us as warm as possible in the facility.  We are excited for next weekend to be on turf again and be able to play a three day, local tournament.  Weather forecast as of now looks good.  Will be good to get back on the field again and shake off some of the rust.  Practices have been productive of late and our coaches have been pleased.  Need to keep working hard the next week and a half and then we can head into the tournament with some steam.  Looking forward to it.

January Tournament Weekend Finally Here


Well it has been an interesting week to say the least battling the weather, sick players, logistical issues and other adversity.  The good news is the weather looks good for the weekend and as always during this time of year we are playing on turf fields.  Our older teams will be playing in San Jose at Twin Creeks Sports Complex and our 9U-14U teams will be at BLD Manteca.  Both events are being hosted by Norcal Travel Ball, one of the premiere tournament directors we play with.  Our players will be challenged this weekend as the brackets are loaded.  We will grow and get better through the experience this weekend, looking forward to getting after it.

Approaching The New Year


It is a very exciting time as the new year approaches. We have given our families and coaches some time off during the holidays for them to recharge their batteries. We get back started with practices next week and our first tournament of the season takes place over the weekend of January 23-24 in the Central Valley, over the hill.

Like any good business, we put special emphasis on the importance of evolving. We must continue to work hard to serve our customer base in the way we interact with our players and the way we teach the game. Standards of what we will accept are high, and to us that is a good thing. We value what all of the previous coaches, players and families have done in helping build the organization up to where it is today. That being said, our expectation is that everyone involved currently with the organization will be committed to our long term vision and goals. Happy New Year.

Back At It


Last weekend we played extremely well as an organization, finishing with an overall record of 22-14 with our 9U-18U teams down in the Central Valley. Any time you go down to play at BLD Manteca and Mistlin Sports Complex, you know you will be in for some competitive baseball.

Our 9U division was particularly interesting as we got to play two talented teams. I was very proud of our guys for playing so hard all weekend. It’s interesting to me that other organizations are so surprised when our teams don’t roll over and let them win. When that happens the panic sets in with the opposing coaches and fans. It’s sad to see them attack our “class” level when our passion is always focused on our kids. They make mountains out of mole hills, especially in defeat. Heck, one of the coaches didn’t even shake my hand after one of the games. Always remember, when you play the Muckdogs you are going to need to strap it on and be prepared to play hard against us the full two hours, that’s how we roll. #nomorebabytags #babytagsareforbabyteams #putadiaperonthattag

Whirlwind Of A Three Weeks


Coming off the busiest three weeks of the year for us with a tournament, then the Sophomore Fall Classic, followed by another tournament.  It was emotionally and physically taxing for me and I did my best to give my all to the teams and families.  Was proud that we played so well in Arizona and am extremely proud of our 9U club.  We played up in the 10U divison, which was a decision I thought long and hard about, but ultimately we went with it and I think it proved to be productive for the boys.  We have three plus weeks to teach in practice before our next tournament.  Looking forward to that time developing all of the boys.

Sophomore Fall Classic


Flight was good. Hotel is nice. We had a good dinner together. Tomorrow we will be challenged in both games. Excited to coach this group and see what type of run, if any, we can put together. Stay tuned.

Arizona Week


We are coming off a very successful weekend with our 9U-14U teams, where we finished 18-5 as an organization on the weekend with three championships (9U, 10U and 14U).  Our boys played good baseball for most of the weekend.  We still have a lot of work to do as we will be traveling over the hill in November and the overall competition will get stiffer.

It is a short week for me, with us leaving for Phoenix on Thursday afternoon for the Arizona Sophomore Fall Classic.  I will be taking a group of ’18 and ’19 graduates to participate in the largest showcase in the country for kids that age.  We are the only team from Nevada that will be participating.  Games will be played at Peoria Sports Complex, the spring training facility for the San Diego Padres and Seattle Mariners.

Lots of work to get done in the office before then, excited for the weekend though.

Fall Ball

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