Muckdog Recruiting Package Powered by Sport Recruits

Sports Recruits Package Includes:

The platform fee is $325 for 6 months (August through January, February through July).  We also offer a monthly payment schedule of $60 per month for the service.
The service includes the following:
1) Evaluation of player and where we feel the player will project at the college level.
2) Six month of access to Sports Recruits Platform.
3) One video shoot and edit for players (pitchers and position players) or dual.
4) Two, thirty minute sit-down meetings over six months.
5) Unlimited access to Recruiting Coordinator (Ken Camel) for guidance and Q&A.
6) Communication advice and email creation.
7) Constant evaluation and communication from Recruiting Coordinator on how efficient player is being in using platform.
8) Daily, weekly and monthly communication directly to parents and players simultaneously.

Cell: 775-745-6508




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